First Post

So this is my first post on this blog. I kind of wanted a place where I could post sketches and doodles and other things that I would normally just let sit around and never show to anyone. Sort of a no pressure kind of thing. I mean, I'm working on a website to showcase my favorite pieces, and then I have Deviantart, but I kind of feel pressure to only post things that are 'done' there. I know there's a sketches section, but I dunno, I kind of like this idea better.

I'm not sure if I'm planning to have any sort of schedule to post here, but I think I should probably aim to post SOMETHING at least once a week. Sort of keep myself working and keep myself writing. I've had a bad tendency recently to not draw anything, and if I feel like I should be posting sketches and shit here, maybe I'll make more of an effort to draw stuff.

Obviously I'm also using this blog to ramble... and maybe eventually I'll think of some sort of theme or some shit as well. Anyway, it's late, I have a another long day tomorrow so until then enjoy this rendition of KOS MOS I've been doing today. I printed some images and production sketches of the version 4 KOS MOS from Xenosaga III and I must say, what a confusing fucking design. I love it, but god damn, it was a pain to figure out. (I plan to ink this later... probably in Manga Studio EX, I need to get better and quicker at that program)


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