A Ninja is fine, too

Alright, so this is my second day of having this blog and I thought I might as well make another post and try to get into the habit of posting here. I realize I need to eventually take the time to break out the ol' html text book and see about customizing my blog template. Coding things by hand is not my strong suit, but I realized there are probably tons of blogs that look just like mine and... I just feel I should make SOME attempt to look a little different, no?

Anyway, I'm keeping this post short because I told myself I'd respond to someone's e-mail tonight and I still haven't done it and it's now almost 1 AM. But before I go, a quick description of the character I just posted; some people who know me know that I've been kicking around an idea to do a 4 kom styled story about a school that's filled with anime cliches and such, and one of the early scripts involved the Booster Club being a group of ninjas crawling along the cielings of the school. Well, I decided I wanted to have a head of the booster club and used Strider Hiryu as a starting point when designing this nameless ninja. I also think I want to goof on 2X2=Shinobuden with the other members. This one I intend to ink and color similar to the other pieces that I posted to deviantart back in the summer of this year.

That's it for tonight. I'll post again this weekend, I think.


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