Otakomi and yaranaika revisited

Loose Sketches! So a lot of the work I've been doing has been on a project I was paid for... oh... a year ago? And the client doesn't want any of the work posted online... which means, I don't have much to post here on my sketch board. So instead, I'll start finding sketches I like from awhile ago:

This one, of a character Erick Melton and I created named Ms. Daiguchi, I actually did today. I took a quick and sloppy pen drawing I did while on the phone at work and did a more fleshed out pencil sketch while watching the Colbert Report. I'd recently redone her design (maybe someone will remember her from a drawing on my DA account? Probably not) Anyway, I'm not sure how much of her character I want to go into right now, but I had fun drawing this somewhat deformed version of her.

Okay, now these are some old sketches. Again, you might recognize them from a group shot on my DA Account, although these are my attempts to revamp and normalize the designs. The project has not been picked up, and Erick and I are contemplating where to go with it next... I kinda like the idea of a web comic sort of thing. Even though web comics get tore to pieces on a lot of message boards.... I really like the little one with the hot dog on a stick... but I can't seem to recreate that look in other expressions, which makes me sad.

Same as above. I like her spats. I picture the character being a bit more active than some of the other characters, and sneaking around digging for scoops, so I thought she might wear something a little less revealing when crawling around in heating ducts and such.

And finally... reposting an un-altered version of this sketch. I'm not sure why I started goofing around with it last time. I didn't MEAN to at first. It just sort of happened. So, for anyone who prefers their sketches unaltered, this ones for you. (and me)


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