Work Time Doodles

So all I have are a couple work doodles... or one doodle and one work in progress, really.

This one is of Nova, and is being fleshed out from an actual work doodle that I did awhile ago. He head looks a little lopsided to me now, so I'll probably work on that. I want to add another character in a bunny suit with her, so once all that is worked out, I'll probably post again.
I know bunny girl suits are pretty sexist... but... I like them. *hangs head*

I doodled this one today... on a whim, really. Throughout the day I kept adding to it. A little shading, a little white out... a little pink hi-liter... and once in photochop, I tweaked the colors and deleted some notes that were peaking through. I was slightly inspired by this animation I'd seen on www.stage6.com of, I think, the end theme song for Tokyo Tribes? I have not seen the anime, and I get the feeling the whole show doesn't look like this animation, but if it did, I would SO watch it.

Here's the video on YouTube:

The style reminds me of this guy who was in a couple of my life drawing classes and my oil painting class. EXTREMELY talented guy. I wish I could remember his name, I'd like to look him up sometime and see if he becomes anything.

Ekendayo... Dayo... something like that. man... now that's going to bug me for the rest of the night....


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