Returning from the dead

It's been awhile since I've posted here. I hate that I've taken so long to post here, but I'm going to try and force myself to post more... to that end, I'm going to be showing off some of the stuff I'll be doing in my Character Design class... and possibly some of the other classes if I do anything worth seeing.

So with no further ado...

We're supposed to have a theme for the semester, and I decided on Greek Myth, finally. Mainly because I wanted to do Medusa in a cute style, but also because I remember really liking the Odyssee when we read it in Highschool.

These are a couple variations... I like the third one best, but I was struggling with the body, and you can see the red line from my instructor, Charles Zembillas. I of course feel stupid for not realizing it myself, but I know I'm going to get a lot out of this class... and I look forward to the challenges I'm expecting from him.

And finally, this is going to be my protagonist character based on the greek hero, Atlanta. I read some quick blurbs online about a lot of the heroes of Greek Myth looking for my protagonist... I only knew I wanted to avoid the obvious ones like Heracles(Hercules). The story of Atlanta was just so much fun; she's abandoned in the forest because she's born a woman, raised by a bear, kills a Satyr that tries to rape her, goes on all these great adventures, is almost made an Argonaut, and when her father decides to forgive her for being a woman and find her a husband, she makes a deal that she gets to behead any suitor that can't beat her at a foot race and win her hand in marriage.
I just got the idea that, in my version of the story, all of these other Greek Heroes take the credit for the deeds that she does; this way I can have her face off against Medusa and her sisters and have Perseus take the credit for it and fulfill the request made by Polydectes.

Anyway, it's late, I need to build a character in Flash. Oh yeah, and even though these drawings have different dates written on them... I actually drew them tonight. I just kept forgetting what day it was. -_-;

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