More from Character Design

Okay! I keep putting off posting this stuff... and I'm sorry. So here are all of the worthwhile drawings to come out of the last couple character design classes.

So this is my first attempt at a more 'toonier' version of the character. Not the best design, there are some things about it I like, and lots of things I don't like. As you can see Zembillas didn't care for the distance with the legs. I might come back to this idea and see where I can take it, but before that I started on...

A version that was supposed to be using more 'human' proportions. I was, however, still caught up on exaggerating proportions, and wanted to have a wide hipped character. For some reason I've been interested in wide hips recently.

Completely misunderstanding his directions, this was the next drawing I did. Better, but another problem I've always had, I extended her legs too far, and the torso is too short.

Getting closer... not quite there.

I gave up on the all the superfluous details and focused on the anatomy only... still not right. Zembillas' corrections are on the side and in red.

Finally I got the proportions to an acceptable point with this drawing.

NOW I can add the superfluous stuff!

And finally do the rotation. The back 3/4 view and rear view were redone, actually, since I had made some mistakes with my original drawings. I'm going to be doing a rotation on that little medusa next... it'll be a challenge, but hey, that's the reason I'm taking the class. I'll try to be more diligent with these posts next week.