Oh yeah, I have a blog...

It's been like two years since I've posted anything here, so I figured it might be time to post some sketches... stuff that's not ready for my portfolio or deviantart account.

So, first post for the new year; a friend from school, Derek, has been putting together a fighting game and has asked me to do some characters. And since he was missing a large character I started coming up with a big burly bouncer character who, naturally, works at a strip club and uses the girls for all of his special moves.

Here a work in progress of a group shot of the bouncer, named Owen, and the ten girls I'll use for all of his special moves. I've got some notes next to each girl with thematic ideas for each one. The Hearts girls will be used as projectiles, stars are the shoryuken type characters, and so on.

The image on the left is the first finalized design I did of Owens, and came up with the name. At the time I drew this I was thinking there would only be one girl... and she's not very developed at this point. To the right I have some sketches of the move set I'll be working on for him. The only thing not shown are his ultra moves, which will consist of pole dances, shaking dollar bills from the opponent and a dog pile from all the girls.

My first stripper design and my other favorite. She, and two other color palette swaps, will be the projectile girls.

This is one of my favorite designs for the strippers. She's also one of the last that I came up with. She has a sort of Betty Boop feel, I think. Because of the hair I guess. I wrote down that she would be used in the Stripper Pile move, but I think I might want to use her for he pole dance combo instead.

Derek is saying I might have to put them in bikinis if the pasties prove to be too raunchy. Oh well.


Blogger CA3 said...

Good to see that you're injecting some life back into this blog. I've got to be honest that this does indeed look interesting. Strippers as weapons in a fighting game, that's probably not something I'd see coming. Now I envision a fighting stage with Sir Mixalot playing in the background.

January 6, 2010 at 4:51 PM  
Blogger Will R. said...

Well, you kind of brought it to my attention as to how long it's been since I posted anything here, so... yeah.

Sir Mixalot would be pretty funny to hear in the BG, actually. I'll have to suggest that to Derek.

January 6, 2010 at 8:01 PM  

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