Old Drawings and New Cintiq

I decided to break in my new Cintiq by working on a few old drawings from about a year ago.

I fixed the placement and position of Nova's arm, hand and head from the original sketch. Also finished Erika, who was only loosely scribbled in. I'll want to finish this one soon. I like it a lot and sort of makes a series of the two of them on the beach... though I keep putting them in different bikinis.

This was a little doodle in the back of a notebook once. I inked it like... forever ago and I colored it last night. This character is from a comic book I never finished. The first 7 chapters were published by Radio Comix back in the day. I've been kicking around the idea of re-working the characters and setting, and using the same scripts, I might re-draw it in a more storyboard-like fashion.

This is one I finished a long time ago. I just decided to clean up the line work a little, color the lines, instead of leaving them simply black and then switching the composition of the characters. Only minor tweaks... but I like the image and I wanted to clean up some of the things I didn't like about the original one I published to Deviant Art.

Another work in progress. I fixed up the characters proportions and adjusted their heads to have them looking at each other... rather than out into space as the original two sketches had them do. As I was working on this I decided on the setting and started to put in all the easels. I might play with the composition more... make it less obvious that I'm covering that horribly drawn foot. Though I do like the foreground element. I might use the original pencil sketch on that page, even.
And lastly a super wide-hipped version of Erika. The original sketch ended at her knees... and I could never get her legs to look right to me... until last night. I realized what I wanted was to widen her stance like this. Made it look like she was actually able to stand. Anyway... it's a simple doodle, and so I didn't go crazy with the color, just a simple monotone.


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